Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Phoenix

Plastic surgery is not a new procedure. Many historical findings have shown that people practiced the art of cosmetic enhancement as early as 2000 BC using organic materials such as wood to correct asymmetric or deformed body features. It was just in 1800’s that plastic surgery was practiced in the Western society. The pioneers of plastic surgery were the ancient Indians, Egyptians and Romans. British and Italian physicians even traveled to India and Egypt to learn the natives’ techniques in cataract and reconstructive plastic surgery. The instruments used were refined and further developed by the western world. However, most early Western plastic surgery procedures were done in barber shops. With the increasing recognition of hygiene and with the advent of pasteurization, plastic surgery procedures became sanitary – and safer.

Throughout the history, plastic surgery has had major oppositions from the Catholic Church especially during the Renaissance because it was regarded sinful due to the fact that people are exercising authority over their bodies. Despite the opposition, the practice of plastic surgery survived until today. This shows that people have a strong regard with their appearance since the ancient times.

Seeking a Plastic Surgery Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona

Plastic surgery has become one of the attractive services of tourism in Asia. Many Asian countries, such as Thailand, South Korea and the Philippines offer plastic surgery services bundled with travel plans for tourists. A tourist can now enjoy having a vacation and an improved physical appearance at a fraction of the cost. However, a lot of doctors advocate that plastic surgery must be done at the comfort of your country or state as much as possible. Travel is not really conducive when a person is recuperating from plastic/cosmetic surgery. In Phoenix alone, there are several plastic surgery clinics that perform a wide selection of cosmetic procedures whether invasive or non-invasive. Each clinic has their specialization. Some people from different states even go to Phoenix just for cosmetic surgery.

Post-Operative Care

Patients who have undergone plastic surgery should undergo post-operative care. For about 1 to 2 weeks, the treated area will start to swell and bruise. For about 3 days, patients should take pain killers prescribed by the surgeon. The side effects of the anesthesia and pain killers can be felt for up to a week so a responsible and trusted adult should stay with the patient at home. The main purpose of post-operative care is to speed up the healing process. With proper healing process, swelling and bruising will subside quickly. Also, the risk for infection will be lowered. The following are few post-operative tips practiced by clinics that offer plastic/cosmetic surgery in Phoenix:

  1. Patients should avoid caffeine, alcoholic beverages and strenuous physical activities.
  2. Anything that contains aspirin should not be taken while recuperating. Aspirin increases bruising and the risk for hemorrhage. The plastic surgeon will usually prescribe Panadeine. This contains Codeine which causes constipation in most people.
  3. Patients should inform their plastic surgeon if they experience fever, sudden bleeding and abnormal swelling.
  4. Moisturize the fresh scar with vitamin E or anti-scar gel.

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